Actor-writer Raj Saluja rubbishes OTT scam allegation by filmmaker Maan Singh

Actor-writer Raj Saluja rubbishes OTT scam allegations
Image Source: File Image Actor-writer Raj Saluja rubbishes OTT scam allegations

The OTT scam became a topic of discussion as the names of several actors, writers and producers were dragged into the allegations. One of them was Raj Saluja who was arrested by the Mumbai Cyber ​​Police for his alleged involvement in the OTT scam. Raj Saluja is the author of Aditya Roy Kapur’s recent release Rashtra Kavach Om and the web series Shiksha Mandal. He was also the associate producer of Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl.

The OTT scam came into limelight after filmmaker Maan Singh filed an FIR alleging he was duped by Rajat Maurya. While Maurya is still behind bars, Raj was immediately released on bail. Terming the incident as a blunder, he said that he was being dragged into this legal matter by mistake. Reversing, Raj Saluja said, “I reject the kind of allegation that has been leveled at me. It was between Rajat Maurya and Man Singh. I was the writer of the show they were producing, and In the process, I and Maan Singh decided to make another show. We exchanged all the terms and conditions over email.”

Raj Saluja is confident that nothing will happen against him in this case. He says, “I have my emails and everything, which clearly proves that I was just a writer on their project. Putting my name was a clear intention to attract attention in the media, because they knew That I have big projects coming.” This is just a publicity stunt, and it was not my fault. This wrongdoing has ruined my decades old image. There is no evidence of my involvement in anything Rajat did to Maan. The matter will not stand up in court, and we will do what the law requires.”

Raj Saluja is yet to take legal action as he awaits the final charge sheet. He also said, “Giving highlights as an OTT scam was to attract attention and eyeballs, otherwise, why would the media print about some Man Singh and Rajat Maurya?”

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