Anel Mele Pani Thuli trailer: Andrea Jeremiah is alone in her fight for justice

The trailer of Andrea Jeremiah’s upcoming Tamil film Anel Mele Pani Thuli was released on Thursday. Vetri Maaran Productions is the gritty, harsh story of a rape victim who doesn’t let society get in the way of her fight for justice.

The trailer begins with the character of Andrea traveling alone to another city, before being kidnapped and taken to the jungle. The trailer shows that she is seeking justice, fighting for the truth and not letting society influence her fight. The trailer is gritty, dark, and represents the struggle of women in society.

The trailer also shows how a rape victim’s personal life also comes under question and those around her expect her to drop the case and live as if nothing had happened to her. The film is directed by R Kaiser Anand.

Enel Mele Pani Thuli will premiere on SonyLIV. Starring Aadhav Kannadasan, Azagam Perumal, Ilavarasu, Anupama Kumar and Lovlin Chandrasekhar, the film will stream from November 18.


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