At Prince event, Vijay Deverakonda says he decided to support Sivakarthikeyan the day he saw him cry on stage

Actor Vijay Deverakonda attended the pre-release event on Tuesday upcoming movie princewhich stars sivakarthikeyan in the lead. Both the young actors shared their mutual admiration for each other on stage and even vowed to do a film together soon.

Vijay reveals that he first discovered Sivakarthikeyan through Remo’s poster, which showed the latter dragging him. And he has followed his journey and his work ever since. “More than anything, I love his journey. After college, she worked in television for five years and then she played a supporting role in BowKa 3. And he became a star himself, started his own production house and also writes songs. And he always seems to be happy and smiling,” said the Liger star.

Vijay revealed that his admiration for Sivakarthikeyan got stronger when he saw him weep bitterly while giving a speech at an event a few years back. “One day, I saw her weeping bitterly on the stage. I felt bad seeing this. I could understand his pain and journey. For some reason I started considering him as my brother. I thought if I ever got a chance to support them or do something for them, I should. That’s why I am here,” he said.

Vijay was referring to the 2016 media event that was organized to mark the commercial success of Remo. At the event, Sivakarthikeyan recalled the pressures and challenges that the cast and crew of the film faced before its release. Without naming names, in an emotional speech, Sivakarthikeyan attacked those who were allegedly trying to hinder his career.

Vijay also notes that watching Anudeep’s interviews and videos is one of his guilty pleasures. “Anudeep, Sathyaraj Garu, Sivakarthyan Anna and Maria all together did a promotional video. It’s about 8 or 10 minutes long. I watched the full video and enjoyed it. Anudeep, where you are today as a director and making such great films and giving opportunities to so many, makes me very happy to see. I wish you a big, big blockbuster. Congratulations Maria on your Indian film debut. I hope this film brings some happiness to you in these times. And I have a strong feeling that it will be a happy memory, ”he said.

Maria Ryboshpka is a Ukrainian actress who is making her India debut with Prince. She is playing the role of a British girl in the film.

Sivakarthikeyan was also very generous in his praise of Vijay. “I have been in this media industry for 15 years, my journey is like a train, which starts slowly and stops at a station and then picks up speed. But, Vijay Deverakonda’s journey is like a rocket. Becoming a pan-India star in a short span of time is no joke. His journey is really, really inspiring. When I see (his pics) I always think, How is this guy (looking) so smart? So girls Seeing them goes crazy.”

“Let’s do a film together, brother (Vijay). I want to work with you and understand how you choose your films and work on them.”

Sivakarthikeyan has also become a fan of director Anudeep KV’s brand of humour. “What I liked about Anudeep’s work is his humour. Everyone will enjoy his humor and no one will get hurt. This movie is about an Indian boy who falls in love with a British girl, that’s the simple explanation. But how Anudeep puts it in his own style makes a big difference.”

Prince will hit the theaters this Friday in Tamil and Telugu.


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