Bigg Boss 16: After Tina Dutta’s elimination, Shalin Bhanot says ‘never liked her’; turns out later

Shalin Bhanot, Tina Dutta
Image source: Voot Shalin Bhanot never liked Tina Dutta

Big Boss 16: Salman Khan-hosted reality show has been able to keep the audience interested with new twists and turns and fans are enjoying the non-stop drama. Keeping up with the trend, actor-host Salman gave a new task to contestant Shalin Bhanot. He had to press the buzzer to save his friends and co-contestants Tina Dutta and Sumbul Touqueer from being evicted. With a new twist, Salman said that Shaleen would be able to save one only after Rs 25 lakh was deducted from the cash prize. The other option given to her was, Shalin gets her prize money and one of the above contestants is eliminated.

Later, when Salman started the countdown, Shaleen looked at Tina and did not press the buzzer to save the prize money. After which Tina Dutta left the house. After Tina leaves the house, we see Shalin crying in front of Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta as she shares her feelings with both of them. However, he did a U-turn, and told Sreejita Dey and Archana Gautam that he never liked Tina and already knew she was leaving. Read also: Anushka Sharma’s post for Virat Kohli after he completes his 72nd century is adorable and adorable!

In the kitchen, Archana was talking to Shalin and asked her if she knew that Tina was going to be eliminated from the show and Shalin replied, “I knew it when Salman Khan said Saath, that’s when I thought Tina It’s getting over.” Also, he told Sreejita, “I never liked Tina, I used to like her because of the chicken. All I cared about was my food and she used to do that so that’s all I’m missing right now because who will make chicken for me now. I won’t even talk to that girl after I go out because my restaurant will be there for her.”

Later, in the promo of the upcoming episode, Bigg Boss plays another game and asks Shalin to press the buzzer to bring Tina back. But he will lose the prize money of Rs 25,00,000. Shaleen presses the buzzer and reveals that he doesn’t care and will pay everyone himself.

As soon as Tina enters the house, she loses her temper and exposes Shaleen saying, “The other day when he knew I was going to leave the house, he didn’t hold her back and today suddenly he pressed the buzzer.” Gave it. Why did they need so much time to think and save me, if I was Shalin Bhanot I would have hit it on the third count and saved you. If you can’t be your friend’s person then you can’t be anyone’s person . I never wanted to go, I know what you were doing in the house. You were there dancing after I left my house, I saw you singing the song. I had to get a reality check and now I do.

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