Bigg Boss 16 December 12 Live: Archana instigates the fight between Sreejita and Vikas; Tina pushes Shalin away

bigg boss 16 december 12 live
Image source: India TV bigg boss 16 december 12 live

Bigg Boss 16 December 12 Live: In today’s episode, Archana is seen taking advantage of Sreejita and Vikas’ fight and instigating a fight between them over food. She accuses Sreejitha of cooking vegetables which contain worms and then she goes to Vikas and tells him that what she is eating now may contain cooked worms. On this, Sreejita tries to explain that being a 32 year old woman, she will never cook rotten vegetables. The issue heats up between them as only yesterday they had a small fight over their space for clothes. On the other hand, Shalin is still baffled by Tina’s antics and tries to clear the misunderstandings.

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