Bigg Boss 16 Highlights: Shiv becomes the new king of the house; Tina and Shalin fight over Soundarya

bigg boss 16 live
Image source: India TV bigg boss 16 live

Bigg Boss 16 Highlights: In today’s episode, the contestants were seen gossiping about Tina and Shaleen’s relationship. Shiv was talking to Nimrit about how fake Shaleen and Tina’s relationship is, Nimrit also agreed and said that she also doubts them as both Tina and Shaleen talk opposite things whenever they are not around . On the other hand, Archana tells Soundarya that Tina and Shalin will not continue as a couple outside the show. Soundarya also claimed that this relationship is only for the content of the show. Today in the show Tina tells Shaleen that Soundarya is trying to attack her and be careful. Bigg Boss also allowed Sumbul to talk to her father and he advised her to stay away from Shalin and Tina. Shiv Thackeray became the new king of the house.

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