Bigg Boss 16, Nov 24 LIVE: Sumbul’s alleged boyfriend Fahman Khan enters the show; Tina Shaleen gets angry

bigg boss 16 24 november live
Image Source: File Image bigg boss 16 24 november live

Bigg Boss 16 24 November Live: In today’s episode, the housemates welcome the first wild card contestant of the season. The wildcard is none other than Sumbul’s rumored boyfriend and Imlie’s co-star Fahman Khan. Sumbul gets emotional as he enters the show and breaks down in tears when she hugs him. On the other hand, a huge argument breaks out between Shaleen, Sumbul and Tina. Bhanot loses his temper during the argument. Meanwhile, the housemates get involved in a task while competing for the captaincy. Tina and Nimrit, who are close friends, quarrel over the captaincy. Now it will be interesting to see the changing equation among the family members. Keep watching this space for live updates.

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