Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan calls Tina Dutta-Shaleen Bhanot ‘fake’: ‘Abhi jhagda kiya, abhi chapak gaye’

Salman Khan, Tina Dutta, Shalin Bhanot
Image source: Colorscaberry Salman Khan calls Tina Dutta and Shalin Bhanot FAKE

Big Boss 16: Salman Khan-hosted reality show has been able to keep the audience interested with new twists and turns and fans are loving the non-stop drama, fights and love angles. Well, the much talked about contestants of Bigg Boss 16 Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta have been in limelight ever since the show started. Be it their ‘fake’ relationship or ugly spats, both have become household names. However, the last few episodes were full of fights, love and confusion as the housemates were not able to figure out what is really going on between Tina and Shaleen. Now Salman himself has come to solve this puzzle.

In Shukrawar Ka Vaar, Salman Khan asks Tina, ‘With whom and for which game was Tina giving money?’ Surprised by this, she said, “Sir, I do not act, I have told Shaleen that we cannot be together.” Salman says, ‘There is no consistency in your game, when you were weak you went with him and when you became strong you left him.’

Defending her equation with Shaleen, Tina says, “We can’t fall in love,” Salman says, “You fought, played music and danced with her. No one else was fake”. Salman also points to the way Shalin and Tina dance on the night of the concert, “Aur koi nahi hai yahan chipkan ke liye.”

After this, Salman also confronts Archana Gautam and MC Steyn for their ugly lateness. Salman asks Stan to think whether what he said to Archana was right or wrong. Stan admits that he should not have made such a comment. On the other hand, Salman also scolded Archana for her behavior and said that ‘the doors are open and she can leave immediately if she doesn’t want to behave properly’.

Tina Shalin Casual Dance

Bigg Boss 16 contestants celebrate New Year with lots of fun and dance as MC Stan’s live concert is announced. The rapper entertained everyone with a live performance along with famous rappers Ikka and Seekhta Maut. Meanwhile, Tina Dutta confesses her love for Shaleen Bhanot while both are involved in a romantic dance.

During the concert, Tina told Shaleen, “You make me fall in love with you but then you break my heart.” The two were earlier seen fighting during the concert.

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