Bigg Boss 16: Shaleen Bhanot starts memefest by mimicking Tina Dutta; Netizens say ‘Kya dhoka hai fun aa gaya’

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Image source: TWITTER/@MANSIJA98341268 Tina Dutta and Shaleen Bhanot in a still from Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16’s much-talked-about contestants Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta have been making headlines ever since the show started. Be it their ‘fake’ relationship or ugly spats, both have become household names. In a recent episode, Tina claimed that Shalin tried to kill her after the latter threw a lighter. It all started during a light conversation between Ankit Gupta and Shalin Bhanot where Ankit asked her to either choose a letter from her family or save Tina, she honestly chose the former.

At this Shalin came to Tina and asked her to behave properly but she again played the victim card and started shouting at Shalin. This enraged Shalin and he aggressively came close to Tina, to which the latter claimed that she tried to kill him and dramatically turned to the camera to expose the Bigg Boss situation. Now as soon as Tina turned towards the cameras, Shaleen mimicked her and said ‘Oooh acting chalu’. The whole scene has now become fodder for netizens and is being called a memefest on social media.

One of the users wrote, “That “oh abhinaya chalu” comment Sha made for Tina was bang on.. swad agya..” Another tweeted, “So fake Matt Bano #TinaDutta public is watching. When Stan accused Shalin the same way, you were taking Stan’s side. If Stan was not wrong, #shalinbhanote You are speaking wrong.” ?”. “Is this the same #TinaDatta who took Stan’s side in Stan and Shalin’s fight? When Stan went towards Shalin with such anger, he was not wrong then, so how is #ShalinBhanot wrong now? Epitome of hypocrisy Tina Dutta”, tweeted another user.

It is now very clear that Shaleen is totally fed up with Tina’s hypocritical behavior and is definitely not going after her to get things back on track.

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