Bigg Boss 16: Shaleen Bhanot-Sumbul Tauqeer friendship collapses after nomination task

Shalin Bhanot, Sumbul Tauqeer
Image Source: IANS Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Tauqeer

Bigg Boss 16: With a lot of drama, fights and nominations, Salman Khan Hosted Shows is keeping users glued to their TVs. We have seen many friendships happen inside the house. The most talked about friendship from day one has been between Sumbul Tauqeer Khan and Shalin Bhanot. Even after Sumbul’s father warns him about Shalin, he is still friends with her. But now, it looks like the bonding between Shalin and Sumbul has come to a standstill ever since they were nominated for eviction on the show.

During the nomination task, Shalin and Soundarya Sharma, good friends of the ‘Tamarind’ actress, decide to save Shiv Thackeray in place of Sumbul. Shalin tries to save Shiva but Soundarya says that she wants to save Sumbul. Shalin says that he is not left with any option and they nominate Shiva. This leaves Sumbul frustrated and a rift breaks out between the two. Shalin says that she knows that he is with her and will always stand by her. Read also: Salman Khan seen for the first time after the dengue scare; Attended Aayush Sharma’s birthday party

Sumbul then asks Shalin not to test her again and again. Sumbul said: “Did you take my name even once to save it…” Shalin said again: “You know I will always stand by you.” To which Sumbul responded: “Don’t test me again and again Shalin.” Shalin says again, “Abe Yedi, you don’t understand what?”. Sumbul then says that she came to him even after her father had explained so much to her. Shalin then says, “I don’t need you.” Leaving the video, Rangers captioned, “Halaat is changing between Shalin and Sumbul, what aisi dosti mein aa gayi darar?”

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Well, let’s see what happened next. Can Sumbul Tauqeer Khan and Shaleen Bhanot’s friendship be saved or not? Meanwhile, some fans praised Shiv Thackeray for playing the game in the best possible way. A lot of people are talking about him and are happy to see the way he is playing. Read also: Feroz Khan: Pakistani actors demand ban after ex-wife presents evidence of domestic violence

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