Bigg Boss 16: Shalin-Tina’s parents criticize Sumbul’s father’s derogatory remarks. Video

Bigg Boss 16: Shalin-Tina's parents criticize Sumbul's father
Image source: Instagram/ColorsTV Bigg Boss 16: Shalin-Tina’s parents criticize Sumbul’s father

Bigg Boss 16 is taking the internet by storm due to the participation of parents in the show. It all started when Sumbul’s father called her to inquire about her health, but she revealed herself to the outside world, which is against the rules of the house, and to contestants Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta. Said derogatory things. This comment enraged Shaleen and Tina’s parents, who issued statements expressing their displeasure with the situation. While Shalin and Tina were unaware about the danger going on outside the house, Bigg Boss played the audio of Sumbul’s father in front of all the housemates and after that both the contestants lost their temper on Sumbul. Now after issuing a public statement on the issue, Shalin, Tina and Sumbul’s fathers have come on the show to discuss the matter. While the episode is about to air, the promo is taking the internet by storm.

The promo shows Shalin’s parents, Tina’s mother and Sumbul’s father sitting in a panel discussion on the Bigg Boss stage and the host. Salman Khan “You feel that my daughter is being tortured so much inside this show,” asks Imlie actress’ father. Immediately Shaleen’s father says, “Trying to walk with the remote control.” After that, Tina’s mother is seen telling Sumbul’s father, “Humlog school me nahi bache ko, Bigg Boss mein bache hain.” Then, her father replies, “Tina ne na jaane kitne words bole hai Sumbul ko kya aapko baar lagta uno lafzon ke liye maafi liye.” Tina’s mother replied, “Why apologize? You’re right, your daughter is right, everyone’s wrong.”

Watch the promotion:

The promo has created a stir on the internet and has piqued everyone’s curiosity. While fans can’t wait for the episode, they kept pouring in the comments section to react to it. One user wrote, “Yeh sab mess creat tina ne shuru hai pehle week se woh sab jaga jaa ke sumbul ya shaleen ke bare me wrong project ki hai… woh sahi bhi bol saakhi thi dosti b dikha thi.” Another user wrote, “Sumbul se jaad TRP bhi uske papa hi le re.” A third user commented, “Sumbul papa is absolutely right.” One user also commented, “Well other parents should have the same opportunity to talk about their kids…….when kids do something weird it’s accepted, but older moms No one accepts such a thing from the father, so somewhere Rekha Sumbul’s father crossed the line of dignity.

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While some insisted that it was fair to give Shaleen and Tina’s parents a chance to speak, others thought that what Shaleen’s father said was correct.

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