Bigg Boss November 28 Live: Nimrit becomes the new captain, a war of words ensues between Shiv and Tina

bigg boss 28 november live
Image Source: File Image bigg boss 28 november live

Bigg Boss 28 November Live: In today’s episode, BB Ghar has got a new captain. As the new captain of the house, Nimrit takes charge. Tina is disappointed as she had been looking forward to this opportunity as captain and had already informed everyone that this would be her birthday present. But as soon as Nimrit takes over the throne, she loses faith in the other members of the house and tells Shaleen that she has no friends there. On the other hand, a tussle ensues between Shiva and Tina. As Shiva mocks Tina for wishing her a happy birthday and saying, “Happy birthday, birthday present will be,” as she cannot be the captain, he can be seen shouting at her. With Nimrit’s captaincy, it will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes between the housemates. Keep watching this space for live updates.

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