Black Adam box office prediction: Silent reaction in India for The Rock’s film due to Diwali

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Black Adam movie stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Black Adam Box Office Prediction: As Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson starrer Black Adam is all set to release in theaters on October 20, the superhero fever is all set to take over the Indian film audience. The film has been closely watched by fans and is set to make waves at the worldwide box office. In India, films of the genre enjoy a devoted fanbase, and with The Rock’s popularity across the ages, Black Adam would ride on to heavy buzz. However, since the festival of Diwali is on, the box office expectations from India will have to be managed.

Black Adam looking at the mute opening

The festival of Diwali will be celebrated with great enthusiasm in Indian homes. In view of this, Black Adam box office collection will be less than expected. “The buzz around the film is quite strong. It is getting release day and date in India and many languages. The screen count is good and this thing has spread among the fans. But, since it is time before Diwali in India, Will dominate the box office. The film may open around Rs 6-7 crore for all languages,” said Girish Johar, producer and film business expert.

Black Adam may get a box office boost

Black Edam may see a decline due to Diwali fever but figures may rise. “The box office is very dynamic these days. If the film picks up pace, the numbers could go up to Rs 8-9 crore, or else it could go down. Could come in Rs,” said Johar.

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Black Adam set to take worldwide box office by storm

Early reviews for Black Adam have been mixed. While some have liked the film and its thrilling pace, others have called it run-of-the-mill. As per reports, it is expected that the worldwide opening day numbers could reach USD 135 million (Rs 1,116 crore). It’s a bit more than a previous DC adaptation of The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves.

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