Boney Kapoor slammed the actors for ‘completion of films in 25-30 days’. Is he talking about Akshay Kumar?

Boney Kapoor
Image Source : Instagram / Akshaykumar Boney Kapoor arrived with daughter Jhanvi Kapoor on The Kapil Sharma Show

Showing on The Kapil Sharma In the show, Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor reprimanded actors who completed shooting for a film in 25-30 days for charging their full fees and their films being flops instead of being hits. Boney, who has been in the industry for a long time, was seen on the celebrity chat show promoting Miley. He appeared on the show along with the lead actress and her daughter Jhanvi Kapoor and spoke at length about the trends in the film industry, his family and the experience of producing Mili.

Boney Kapoor on actors who completed films in 25-30 days

Boney Kapoor talks in detail about actors who take their full fees but finish shooting in 25-30 days. On The Kapil Sharma Show, without naming anyone, Boney said, “There are many actors who do films in 25-30 days but take full fees. His motivation is not good from the beginning. I am not taking anyone’s name. There are actors here, but there are some actors who work with measurements. They ask, ‘How many days’ is work? They have setup which should be very comfortable, like they should have heroine available, director should be available then where would the picture be made good?” Boney Kapoor also said that if actor, director or producer is not working with him If so, the film is bound to be a flop.” Audiences will not like it. Your first procedure is a lie. Until the truth comes out, whether it is an actor, director or producer, the picture will neither be good nor will it work.”

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Akshay Kumar on completing films fast

While Boney Kapoor did not name any actor while reprimanding those who finished shooting in 25-30 days, many believe that he may be pointing out. Akshay Kumar, The Bollywood star has been vocal about shooting films at a fast pace and has at times joked about completing films fast and moving on to other projects.

This year alone, Akshay has seen four releases in theaters and one on OTT. In the times to come, they have several projects which are in various stages of production.

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