Brad Pitt slams Martin Brundle’s ‘Voice of F1’ at US Grand Prix, sports fans angry watch

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Image Source: TWITTER/PHILDUNCNF1 Brad Pitt joins Formula 1 team

Brad Pitt is said to be researching Formula 1 for his upcoming film in which he reportedly plays a veteran driver. It seems the Hollywood star wants to gain as much knowledge of the sport as possible and spend time with drivers, teams and F1 officials. He was recently seen at the US Grand Prix circuit in Austin, Texas. However, a video is going viral on social media showing him turning down veteran F1 commentator Martin Brundle during a grid walk as he passed by and did not wait to interact with him. F1 lovers were furious at Pitt’s failure to recognize Brundle, also known by many as the ‘voice of F1’.

Brad Pitt didn’t recognize Martin Brundle

A video from the US Grand Prix shows Pitt walking with a group of people. As Brundle tries to grab him for a bite, Pitt ignores him and walks past. When asked about his film on F1, Pitt said, “It’s a top secret.” Brundle said, “Someone is trying to grab my shoulder. If they don’t want you to talk to Brad Pitt, they’re called a pit stop.”

Netizens react to Brad Pitt’s encounter with Martin Brundle

Many on social media were outraged about how Brad Pitt didn’t speak to Martin Brundle. Commenting on the clip, a social media user said, “I think he must know who Martin is, of course, especially if you’re doing research for the F-1 movie (sic).” Another Twitter user commented, “I’m not sure I understand Brad Pitt’s reasoning for not wanting to spend a moment talking to Martin Brundle during the grid walk. I mean, it’s for those F1 fans. It’s his moment to connect with those who will see his F1 film (sic).”

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About Brad Pitt’s F1 Movie

It has been reported that Brad Pitt’s F1 film is about an aging driver, played by Brad Pitt alongside a young upstart. Filming is scheduled to begin in the second half of the next season. Here are some glimpses of Brad Pitt spending time in the F1 circuit.

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