BTS Jin aka Kim Seokjin shares photos from military closing ceremony | watch viral video

BTS Jin aka Kim Seokjin shared photos of the military closing ceremony
Image source: Twitter BTS Jin aka Kim Seokjin shared photos of the military closing ceremony

BTS Jin aka Kim Seokjin is currently serving in the military and is serving his mandatory service as per South Korean law. While fans are missing him badly, the BTS singer is making sure that he keeps sharing glimpses with fans to cheer them up. On Wednesday, Jin shared some pictures of the military training closing ceremony in Weaver. He wrote, “I am enjoying my life. I am posting a picture after getting permission from the army.”

BTS Jin also had a message for his fans. He said, “Army, be happy and take care of yourselves.” Seokjin looked adorable in his military uniform. Also, videos of him performing his duties as commander in chief at the ceremony went viral on the internet. Responding to the same, a fan wrote, “Some men we are made to remind others what a real man looks like.” Another said, “I am so proud of you Commander Kim Seokjin.”

A BTS fan tweeted, “Kim Seokjin is truly the best commander leader of his military journey. He definitely did a great job. We are so proud.” See photos and videos here-

Earlier, a video of Kim Seokjin went viral which he shot before leaving for military service. In the video he is heard saying, “I won’t be a civilian until this is over, but I’m here in front of the camera because I wanted to leave you something, even if it’s just leaving a message.” Ho.” He also revealed that he was recording the Korean variety show “Running Man” at the time the video was shot. He also said that he wants to record more videos for his fans before he leaves.

“So I’m here today with the camera. Currently, I’m shooting ‘Running Man’ and whenever I’m available, I’d like to drop by once every few months to share these videos and records with you, even if it’s only briefly Checking,” he said.

“I might not be with you right now, but I’ll be going to look for you soon, so if you just wait a bit. I’ll be back soon. That’s it for today. Next time, when I have a chance, I’ll Will be back with another video. See ya then!” she added.

BTS Jin enlisted in the army on December 13. It has been more than a month since he left and fans are counting the days till his return. Jin was undergoing training at the 5th Infantry Division’s Recruit Training Center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Now he will leave for frontline service.

The other members – RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook – plan to do their military service based on their individual plans.

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