BTS’ Jin jokingly channels Wikipedia when user asks ‘do you know BTS’, confused when fan asks to be his dog: ‘What?’

If there’s anything that BTS’ biggest member Jin loves the most (besides singing and giving an electrifying performance on stage), it’s it. playful trolling of its own members, as well as the army. singer preparing for release his song astronaut, gently taught a Weverse user who tried to ask him ‘Do you know BTS?’ Jin copy-pasted the history of BTS from official websites in English without changing a word. ARMY couldn’t help laughing, as it was ‘typical’ gin behavior.

Jin took it upon himself to answer the weirdest questions ARMY asked, including one fan who asked him, “Can I be your dog?” Jin replied, “What?” Another expressed envy over rapper Young-ji’s appearance on the show, and shared a photo of him holding hands with her. Jin immediately replied, “I was holding her hand, I was not holding her.” Several ARMYs commented on Twitter expressing surprise at their patience and one wrote, “Why are we like this?” Another wrote, “I can’t believe he gave us Moon (his single) despite everything.” One wrote, “We really don’t deserve gin, do we?”

The Jin-like exchanges brought much consolation to fans, who were emotional after the band announced that they would go ahead with their military recruitment plans after a year of much discussion, debate, surveys and back-and-forth. His last-scheduled concert was in Busan on October 15, where he performed many of his old songs, including the much-anticipated Run BTS, as well as Butterfly and Run. However, Jin still has a small gift for fans prior to his departure, his solo collaboration with Astronaut Coldplay, who seemed to have known of the band’s plans even before the South Korean government.

It’s been a bitter year for BTS and ARMY as the band was preparing for Festa Dinner 2022 with announcements already troubling fans, where they expressed exhaustion at the K-pop idol factory. Nevertheless, individual members released singles and a new album (in J-Hope’s case), which kept ARMY busy for a long time. Big Hit’s statement said that the band would regroup in 2025.


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