Fawad Khan’s The Legend Of Moula Jatt Joins The 100 Crore Club

pakistani actor Fawad Khan shared on Monday that his latest release The Legend Of Moula Jatt has entered the Rs 100 crore club. The actor took to social media to announce about his film.

Sharing the poster of the film on his Instagram account, Fawad wrote in the caption, ‘Joining the 100 crore club. #TheLegendOfMaulaJatt now in cinemas, book your tickets today!”

legend of maula jatt It also stars Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abasi and Humaima Malik in lead roles. It is directed, written and edited by Bilal Lashari.

The Legend of Maulana Jatt, a reboot of the 1979 classic, revolves around the life of award-winning Maulana Jatt, who is tormented by his past demons and faces off against one of the most terrifying fighters of the time, Noori Natt. wants to win.

Talking about the success of the film, director Bilal Lashari told Deadline, “I am overwhelmed by the love the film has received from audiences and critics across the globe. We are extremely proud that The Legend of Moula Jatt has been instrumental in putting Pakistan-made cinema on the global map as it continues to win hearts in cinemas across the world. ,

Fawad Khan also has a lot of followers in India. After his work in Hindi films such as Sundar and Kapoor & Sons, the actor was banned from working in the Indian film industry due to the ban on Pakistani actors. In a recent interview with Variety, the actor said that “fingers will be pointed at him” if any Indian will work with him.

Fawad said, “I think the question is more whether someone else would want to work with me rather than I work with others because fingers will be pointed at them. I will do my job and go away but then the people who will have to suffer are the people who want to cooperate with me. And I care about them because they’re going to be there, and they’re going to suffer the consequences.”


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