Indian Idol fame Anushka Banerjee opens up on her songs: They come from life experiences

Indian Idol fame Anushka Banerjee makes her singing debut
Image Source: File Image Indian Idol fame Anushka Banerjee opens up on her songs

Anushka Banerjee’s career as a singer has been very dynamic. While she has been doing several major Bollywood films, there was always a desire to release a full-fledged solo track. Her debut single ‘Todna Dil’ was released a few weeks back and has received a favorable response from the listeners. Apart from winning the hearts of the audience, Anushka has also appeared in popular reality shows like Indian Idol Season 12 and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Talking about the process of putting together her songs, Anushka said that her songs come from life experiences.

While the music industry is flooded with remixes at the moment, Anushka released a solo track and revealed that she has a songbook which has almost three albums worth of songs. She said “Some of these songs were written when I was in my late teens. It was good to see them again. Each song is from a different time in my life and that’s why each one of them tells a different story.”

Not just a great singer, Anushka also has a special connection with the piano. It is an integral part of his songwriting process. When asked about the instrument that most inspired him as a performer, he said, “I studied classical piano as a child, and it brought me great comfort growing up. There were nights when I used to play the piano because I couldn’t sleep. Although I don’t play it as much as I’d like to these days, I still feel very relaxed when I sit down at my piano. I’ve tried to learn guitar and here Even the violin, but I find the piano the most complete instrument.”

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Talking about her future projects, Anushka revealed that she will go on tour for the promotion of her next album and will start working on the next album. She is also looking forward to some collaborations with regional indie artists.

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