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Jio Launches New Plans with Free JioSaavn Pro; Check Them Out!

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By Jatin Pant

Jio, a telecommunications company in India, has recently launched a series of prepaid plans that come with an exciting addition: a complimentary subscription to JioSaavn Pro. This subscription allows users to enjoy a wide range of ad-free music across various genres. Below, you’ll find the complete details about these new prepaid plans featuring JioSaavn Pro.

Jio Plans with JioSaavn Pro: In-Depth Overview There are a total of five JioSaavn Pro prepaid plans available, with prices ranging from Rs 269 to Rs 789. Each of these plans includes a free JioSaavn Pro subscription, which is typically priced at Rs 99 per month. This means that users no longer need to subscribe separately for JioSaavn Pro, as it is now bundled with these prepaid plans.

JioSaavn Pro provides several benefits, such as ad-free music streaming, high-quality offline music playback, unlimited JioTunes, and the ability to download music. Additionally, the JioSaavn app supports 15 different Indian languages, which can be easily accessed through the app’s settings.

The Rs 269 plan offers 1.5GB of daily data, along with unlimited calls and SMS services, all valid for 28 days. For those seeking an extended validity period, the Rs 529 prepaid plan offers the same benefits as the Rs 269 plan but lasts for 56 days. Similarly, the Rs 739 plan has an 84-day validity, while maintaining the features of the Rs 269 plan.


Furthermore, there is a Rs 589 Jio plan, which grants users 2GB of data per day, along with unlimited calls and SMS services, valid for 56 days. The Rs 789 plan provides the same offerings as the Rs 589 plan but extends the validity to 84 days.

JioSaavn Pro Subscription: How to Access To enjoy the perks of JioSaavn Pro, simply recharge your Jio number with any of the aforementioned plans and proceed to download the JioSaavn app. Once installed, register with your Jio phone number to begin accessing the benefits of JioSaavn Pro. These new JioSaavn Pro prepaid plans can be obtained through the Jio website or the MyJio app.

Are you considering subscribing to any of the new JioSaavn Pro plans? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

In this digital age, staying connected has become more important than ever. Jio, a leading telecommunications company, understands this need and constantly strives to provide its customers with the best services. To enhance the user experience and offer added value, Jio has recently launched new plans that come bundled with a free subscription to JioSaavn Pro. Let’s delve into the details of these exciting plans and explore the benefits they bring to the table.

Overview of Jio’s new plans

Jio’s new plans are designed to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Whether you are a music lover, avid streamer, or heavy data user, there is a plan for everyone. These plans not only provide high-speed internet and unlimited calling but also offer a complimentary subscription to JioSaavn Pro.

Benefits of JioSaavn Pro

JioSaavn Pro is a premium music streaming service that offers an extensive collection of songs across various genres. By subscribing to Jio’s new plans, you can enjoy uninterrupted music streaming without any advertisements. Additionally, JioSaavn Pro allows you to download your favorite songs and listen to them offline, eliminating the need for a constant internet connection. With JioSaavn Pro, you can access exclusive content and enjoy a superior audio experience.

Plan details and pricing

Jio’s new plans come in different variants, each tailored to meet specific requirements. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key plans and their features:

Plan 1: XYZ Plan

The XYZ plan is perfect for users who primarily use their mobile devices for browsing and social media. This plan offers high-speed internet with a generous data allowance, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout the month. With the XYZ plan, you can enjoy unlimited calling to any network and have access to a plethora of Jio apps. The plan also includes a complimentary subscription to JioSaavn Pro, allowing you to enjoy ad-free music.

Plan 2: ABC Plan

If you are a heavy data user who loves streaming videos and movies, the ABC plan is ideal for you. This plan provides ample high-speed data, enabling smooth streaming and downloading. Along with unlimited calling and access to Jio apps, the ABC plan offers a free subscription to JioSaavn Pro. Now, you can groove to your favorite tunes without interruptions.

Plan 3: PQR Plan

For those who demand the best of both worlds, the PQR plan strikes the perfect balance. This plan offers a substantial data allowance, allowing you to browse, stream, and socialize without limitations. It also includes unlimited calling, access to Jio apps, and a complimentary subscription to JioSaavn Pro. With the PQR plan, you can stay connected and enjoy your favorite music on the go.

How to activate the new plans

Activating the new Jio plans is a breeze. Simply visit the Jio website or download the MyJio app on your smartphone. Once you log in with your Jio number, you can explore the different plan options and choose the one that suits your needs. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process, and within minutes, you’ll be ready to experience seamless connectivity and music streaming.

Comparison with competitors

Jio’s new plans with free JioSaavn Pro offer a unique value proposition that sets them apart from the competition. While other providers may offer similar benefits, the inclusion of JioSaavn Pro gives Jio an edge. By bundling a premium music streaming service with their plans, Jio provides users with an all-in-one solution that meets their communication and entertainment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is JioSaavn Pro?

JioSaavn Pro is a premium subscription service that provides ad-free music streaming, offline downloads, and exclusive content on the JioSaavn music app.

2. Can I use JioSaavn Pro on multiple devices?

Yes, you can access JioSaavn Pro on multiple devices using the same Jio account. Enjoy seamless music streaming across your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

3. Can I switch between plans?

Yes, Jio allows you to switch between plans based on your requirements. Simply visit the MyJio app or Jio website to make the necessary changes.

4. Are there any additional charges for JioSaavn Pro?

No, the subscription to JioSaavn Pro is complimentary with Jio’s new plans. You can enjoy the benefits of JioSaavn Pro without any additional charges.

5. Is the new plan available for existing Jio customers?

Yes, the new plans are available for both existing and new Jio customers. Simply upgrade your plan to enjoy the additional benefits.


Jio’s new plans with free JioSaavn Pro are a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional services to their customers. With these plans, you can experience uninterrupted connectivity, unlimited calling, and ad-free music streaming. Whether you are a music enthusiast, a movie buff, or someone who values seamless internet access, Jio has a plan tailored to your needs. Upgrade your plan today and unlock a world of possibilities.