Kangana Ranaut reacted to Shraddha Walker’s 2020 complaint letter, said- Aftab has completed…

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Shraddha Walker Murder Case: bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut Reacting to the brutal murder. Police claim that Walker, who was killed by Aftab Poonawalla, had anticipated his death two years ago. The twenty-eight-year-old allegedly strangled his live-in partner, Walker, and sawed her body into over 30 pieces, which he stored in 300 liters of water for nearly three weeks at his residence in south Delhi’s Mehrauli before dumping them across the city. Kept in the fridge. In several days after midnight. The murder took place in May.

Kangana Ranaut said Aftab fulfilled her fantasy of dexterity

The actress shared the picture of Shraddha Walker’s letter pleading for help on social media and wrote a long note along with it. She wrote, “This is the letter Shraddha wrote to the police in 2020, pleading for help. He always strangled her and threatened to cut her into pieces – she mentions that he used to blackmail her.” But how did he brainwash her?” And took him to Delhi. He tore it apart and then fulfilled his masterful fantasy.”

“We all know that ‘promise of marriage’ answer all girls take, she wasn’t weak or emotionally needy…she was just born a girl who dresses and feeds dolls, cares for and nurtures them, their beds and tells them bedtime stories, unfortunately he had a woman’s heart and its nurturing instincts are to protect and heal,” Kangana said.

Furthermore, he wrote, “A woman is essentially a womb like our earth which sees no distinction between those who deserve her and those who do not… She believes in fairyland and believes in That the world needs his love to heal.” She is us female goddess of healing powers she was not weak she was just a girl who thought she was fighting dark demons her hero in a fairy tale as we all know love conquers all…she The demons went too far to fight him but he wanted to conquer them and they did…”

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Shraddha Walker’s 2020 complaint letter

In a letter to the police in 2020, Shraddha had premonitions that Aftab would kill her and dismember her body. Meanwhile, the accused started thrashing Shraddha to such an extent that she was admitted to the hospital with bruises all over her body. The letter has reached India TV. In a one-page letter, Shraddha complained, “That Aftab is abusing and hitting me. Today (November 23, 2020) he tried to kill me…and blackmails me that he Will tear it to pieces.” far.”

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