Kangana Ranaut Says Dhaakad Failed Because Her Character Was ‘Too Westernized’: ‘People Didn’t Recognize’

actor Kangana Ranaut has opened up about her last theatrical release Dhaakad and said that the film failed to connect with the audience as her character in the spy-thriller was probably “too western”.

Released in May, Dhaakad performed disastrously at the box office and turned out to be the biggest flop of the year – and of Kangana’s career. Based on an alleged budget of Rs 80 crore, Action could only earn around Rs 3 crore at the box office.

In an interview with Aaj Tak, when asked why Bollywood movies are struggling at the box office? south movies Kangana said that regularly sona mara hai, it is because Hindi films have become distant from the Indian culture.

“There are many different types of analysis about why a film works or why it doesn’t. If you look at the hit films, they all have Indian roots. Look at Kantara. These films show India based on devotion and spirituality on a micro level. ponniyin selvan-1 is also about Cholas,” he said.

According to Kangana, Hindi filmmakers are heavily influenced by the West, which is why audiences feel isolated while watching Bollywood movies. “Bollywood has gone too far from Indian culture and has become western. Influenced by it and the tendency to make western films, people are not able to associate themselves with films.

He said, ‘Even my film didn’t work this year. What I found out from that too was that people probably didn’t recognize the character who was too much of a western (what I learned from this was that people might not be able to identify with a character who was too western).

The actor said that films from the south have been a huge success at the box office as audiences feel themselves in his films. “For the first time, Indians are taking pride in their culture, dress, colour, and they want to be associated with that pride.

“Whoever is able to connect him to that glory, they are inherent to him like an RRR. I have seen people in the South stick to their culture and religion and this is something that people across the country are finding very inspiring.”

Kangana Ranaut will next be seen in Emergency, where she plays former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Directed by Kangana, ‘Emergency’ stars Shreyas Talpade, Vishal Naik, Milind Soman, Mahima Chaudhary and Anupam Kheri among others.


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