Kartik Aaryan in Aap Ki Adalat: ‘My dream is that my film earns 1,000 crores and not 100 crores’

Kartik Aaryan in Aap Ki Adalat: Popular Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan has a dream. He says, “My dream is that my film should earn 1000 crores, not 100 crores. My producers want a good return on investment. I would never want my producers to lose nor would I want my fans to lose heart.”

One hour long question and answer session Rajat SharmaOn the iconic show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, Kartik describes his tough struggle in the film industry, talks about his dates with female co-stars Karan Johar others Akshay KumarThe rising dominance of South Indian films and the secret behind their films’ success at the box office.

When asked by Rajat Sharma why he is promising makers to double their investment within 25 days, Kartik replied, “Sach hai (It’s true)…At the end of the day, investment matters . If you look at my past record, six of my seven films have been superhit.”

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Sajid Nadiadwala, producer of Kartik’s upcoming film Shehzada, who was a ‘judge’ on the show, when asked by Rajat Sharma whether the actor really promised to double the money within 25 days, replied, “It There is a new discovery because of the invention of Covid vaccines. What they are saying is true, it is not a story.”

When asked why during the last two years many top Bollywood films bombed at the box office while many top South Indian films became hits, Kartik replied, “Hindi films did not do well last year. Only 3 or 4 films of South were hit. It so happened that two of his (South) films became hits, while not a single Hindi film was successful. But then Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 came and broke all the records.

When asked about the reason behind his success, Karthik said, ‘What can I say? Salman Khan Once told me who I usually meet at parties. He told me, ‘When your film becomes a hit, when others are successful, it is not a big deal (not fun), but when all other films flop and yours becomes a hit, history becomes.’ I asked Salman sir, is this a compliment or are you scaring me? Instead of answering, he hugged me.”

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“Salman sir ‘hamesha chidhate rehte hain’ (always making fun of me). But I am secretive. I will not reveal the secret of why my films are hits. Here is an actor who is talented, does his roles well , can dance well, do good comedy and action. Where to find such an all-rounder? How can a film flop when you have a mix of all these talents?” Karthik said.

The young actor also talked about his ‘dates’ with co-stars like Sara Ali Khan, Ananya Panday and many more. When Rajat Sharma asked if Sara Ali Khan said, ‘I want to go on a date with Kartik’, the actor said, ‘Yes, she said so.’

Question: What did you do?

Karthik: I did Love Aaj Kal with her.

Question: Ananya Pandey also said that I want to date Kartik Aaryan?

Kartik Aryan: “Yes. I did husband wife and that with him.”

Rajat Sharma asked, “Why is it that all your co-stars want to go on dates with you?” ) Sitting in the dock, I want to announce that I am 100% single. I am not in a relationship with any girl. All my dates are over. Now, all my future dates with Sajid (Nadiadwala) bhai are next Fixed for two years. I am doing his films. I don’t have time to drink coffee.”

Rajat Sharma: I am not asking whether you are single or double. I’m asking, why do these women want to date you?

Kartik Aryan: please give me a reason I have a nice smile, I’m cute, I’m cool. I look hot and smart. I might even use the word sexy. I have all these qualities and my producer likes them.

Rajat Sharma: you once said Katrina Kaif that I want to have children with him?

Kartik Aryan: Sir, I said this many years ago, when he was not married. I was given a few options and I took his name.

Rajat Sharma: were your intentions good? (what intention noble way)

Kartik Aryan: My intentions were good (my intentions were completely good). It was a fun question when you are given two options to choose one about which would be the better partner to have children with.

When asked why he is behind superstar Akshay Kumar and wants to do sequels to his films Hera Pheri and Housefull, Kartik replied, “I didn’t want to do these roles, but I got offers. The producers and directors feel that they can put the burden of the sequel on my shoulders. They know how professional I am and how creatively I can get involved. It is not that all sequels become hits. There is more pressure to perform in the sequel. Maybe they (producers) have seen my work, and thought I would do better in a sequel, be it horror or comedy.

Watch Kartik Aaryan live on Aap Ki Adalat below.

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