Kumari Trailer: Aishwarya Lakshmi steps into a cursed land of ancient myths, mysteries and power

There’s a fitting warning for a character in a mythological thriller, “Don’t wander into the jungle behind the house,” and the trailer for director Nirmal Sahadev’s latest Malayalam film Kumari goes beyond warning its audiences: it sets spectacularly often spooky. But the film’s constantly interesting world.

more than two minute trailer aishwarya lakshmi Hard Kumari begins with the announcement of someone’s arrival, “The one we’ve been waiting for twelve generations… Soon, it’ll all be over.”

As we—and Kumari—learn during the trailer, the forest is haunted by Ilimala Chathan and some information is kept hidden, as “every family has its own dark secrets.”

Written by Nirmal Sahdev and Fazal Hameed, Kumari is said to be a “genre bending” film. The film’s trailer teases a largely theatrical experience, including a scintillating score by Jake Bejoy and gorgeous frames by director of photography Abraham Joseph.

The synopsis of the film read, “Kumari is married at Kanhirangat, a cursed land far beyond Illimala in the west. A naive virgin arrives in the cursed land, where people are ready to sacrifice their lives to maintain tradition and power. ,

Kumari is presented by actor Prithviraj Sukumaran’s production house Prithviraj Productions. Last month, Prithviraj had clarified that he is not a part of the film as an actor but feels privileged to be on board as a presenter.

The film is scheduled to release in theaters on October 28.


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