Legends of Aap Ki Adalat: When Sunny Deol didn’t want Rajat Sharma to ask Dharmendra about Hema Malini

Dharmendra with Sunny Deol in Rajat Sharma's Aap Ki Adalat
Image Source: File Image Dharmendra with Sunny Deol in Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat

Legends of Your Court: Editor-in-Chief and President of India TV Rajat Sharma will return with its iconic show Aap Ki Adalat with new guests and set of questions. But before he drags his guests to the dock, the host of the show made some big revelations for the Aap Ki Adalat loyalists. He disclosed this during the special show Shahrukh Khan Already warned him about Sunny Deol’s anger. Also, he shared that Sunny has a lot of respect for his father Dharmendra.

Sunny Deol loves and respects his father

Rajat Sharma shared that when Dharmendra was invited on the show, Sunny Deol had told the former that he would come with his father. Adding to this, the editor-in-chief of India TV said, “Sunny requested me not to ask any questions about Hema Malini, as he really cared about Dharmendra.” Also, Rajat Sharma shared that Sunny Deol loves his father very much and the respect he has for his father is unbelievable.

Watch to know what else Rajat Sharma reveals about Sunny and Dharmendra’s relationship and Shah Rukh Khan’s equation with the Darr actor.

Rajat Sharma shares many more such incidents in Aap Ki Adalat’s special show – Legends of Aap Ki Adalat.

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