My Policeman: David Dawson reveals how his gay friend helped him prepare for the film

My Policeman: David opens up about his preparation
Image Source: IANS My Policeman: David opens up about his preparation

David Dawson, who portrays a gay character in the movie “My Policeman”, has opened up about how he prepared compassionately for the role. The romantic drama, based on the book of the same name by Bethan Roberts, explores the lives of three young friends – Tom, Marion and Patrick (David Dawson), and the consequences of their choices at two different times.

The gay romance set in 1950s Britain also stars Harry Styles as a bisexual cop and Emma Corinne, and highlights the oppression of homosexuality in that era. David, who plays Tom’s (Stiles) love interest in the film, spoke about his preparations for the role. He revealed that his close gay friend helped him get into the skin of his character and channel the mindset of young Patrick. He said, “I have a man who is very special to me, whom I worked with years ago, and became close friends with. He told me a lot about growing up as a gay man during this period.” He used to tell all the beautiful stories.”

To delve deeper into the narrative, the English actor also watched the BBC’s factual drama ‘Against the Law’ and researched the ‘history of gay bars as safe places’. The actor also drew parallels between homosexuality in the past and present and revealed how happy he is now to see things change for the better for the LGBTQIA+ community.

He further noted, “It gave me a real, greater appreciation of the meaning and symbolism of those places, and made me feel incredibly privileged to live as a gay man now, and the freedoms and rights that I have.” – and don’t take it lightly.”

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Directed by Michael Grandage, ‘My Policeman’ is all set to release on Prime Video on November 4.

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