Neha Marda breaks silence on becoming a mother after 10 years of marriage: ‘What if God is not giving me’

Neha Marda breaks silence on pregnant baby
Image source: Instagram/NEHAMARDA Neha Marda breaks silence on pregnant baby

In 2012, Neha Marda married Patna-based businessman Ayushmann Agarwal and the couple is expecting their first child after ten years of marriage. Soon to be a mother, she is sharing pictures of her pregnancy phase on her social media. In a recent interview, the actress revealed how she was constantly pressurized by family members to have a child after marriage.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, the actress said, “Everybody I met after a year or two of marriage used to tell me achha ab toh baby karlena chahiye, kyun nahi karna chahiye.” plans)”.

She further added, “Everyone used to suggest me about it, no one used to talk to Aayush (her husband) about it. It is very personal for me whether we want to do it or not, you can call it.” When do you want to do it?” And whether you are able to do it or not. There are three questions. What if God is not giving me this privilege or may be I am not lucky enough to create a new world. How would one feel in such a situation. ,

Neha remarked that her immediate family never asked her these questions. “My mother or mother-in-law didn’t talk about it. Of course they loved their grandchildren more than anyone, but they were educated enough to never force it on us.”

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She further claimed that during these ten years she never bowed down to the pressure despite constant pointing fingers at her. “And in this journey, my husband was my biggest support. He always told me no matter what and never made me feel bad about it. As far as childbirth is concerned, me and Aayush never despair We were not. But what am I doing today and what I am feeling, I feel that we could not have done without the child. If it was not there, we would have missed a lot of life. Today has evoked these feelings in me. I have changed. I never had this feeling before and I am thankful to God because if this feeling had not come to me earlier, then there would have been many painful years. It would have been very painful for me,” said Neha.

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