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New Leak on iPhone 15 Price Might Be a Blow to Fanatics!

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By Jatin Pant

We find ourselves in the midst of June, with the eagerly anticipated arrival of the 2023 iPhones just around the corner at the rumored September event. However, leading up to this event, we can expect a continuous stream of new leaks almost every day. Today’s leak concerns the speculated price increase for the iPhone 15 series, something that has been causing apprehension among enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the details.

It seems that an inevitable price hike may be in store for the iPhone 15! In a recent interview with CNBC, Wall Street analyst Dan Ives disclosed that the average selling price (ASP) of the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup is likely to rise. The increase in price could potentially reach up to $200, primarily impacting those interested in the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models.

Unfortunately, Ives did not provide the exact pricing details for the iPhone 15. Presently, the iPhone 15 Pro starts at $999 (approximately Rs 1,29,900 in India), while the iPhone 14 Pro Max is priced at $1,099 (around Rs 1,39,900 in India). It is possible that these starting prices may be elevated to $1,099 (approximately Rs 89,300) and $1,199 (around Rs 97,400) for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max respectively. These figures have been derived from previous leaks, so there is a chance they may hold true.

Although it was previously expected that only the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus would experience a price hike (with the opposite anticipated for the Pro models), it seems that even they will not be spared!

Furthermore, it is suggested that this price increase (the first since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017) could be attributed to several standout features of the iPhone 15 Pro models. These include a titanium build, enhanced RAM, faster USB 3.2 ports, and various other improvements.

The entire iPhone 15 lineup is expected to feature Dynamic Island and a USB Type-C port (a first for an iPhone), along with several enhancements in performance and camera capabilities. While there have been rumors of the iPhone 15 Pro Max possibly incorporating a periscope lens, it is important to approach this information with caution. Additionally, there may be some subtle yet noticeable design changes introduced in the iPhone 15 Pro models.

Given the current lack of concrete information, it would be prudent to wait until Apple’s September event for more reliable details. Apple may choose to reveal more information as the launch date approaches, so it’s advisable to stay tuned for all the updates you need. In the meantime, you can keep yourself updated on the latest iPhone 15 leaks by checking out our article dedicated to this topic.

The Apple iPhone has always been the center of attention and anticipation among tech enthusiasts and loyal fans worldwide. The upcoming release of the iPhone 15 has been generating a great deal of excitement, with fans eagerly waiting to get their hands on the latest iteration of Apple’s iconic smartphone. However, a recent leak regarding the price of the iPhone 15 has cast a shadow of doubt over the fanatics’ enthusiasm.


As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, Apple has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation with each new iPhone release. The iPhone 15 is expected to be no exception, with rumors suggesting groundbreaking features and enhancements. However, a leaked report regarding the potential price of the iPhone 15 has left many fans questioning their commitment to the brand.

Background of the iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 is the highly anticipated successor to the iPhone 14, which received rave reviews for its design and performance. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the iPhone 15 is expected to introduce significant improvements in terms of both hardware and software. With its sleek design, powerful processor, and advanced camera capabilities, the iPhone 15 promises to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Leak on iPhone 15 Price

The leak regarding the price of the iPhone 15 has sent shockwaves through the tech community. While the exact source of the leak remains unknown, several possibilities have been speculated. It could be an insider within Apple’s supply chain or a leak from a third-party manufacturer. Regardless of the source, the leaked information has raised concerns among fans and potential buyers.

Possible sources of the leak

There are various potential sources for leaks in the tech industry. It could be a disgruntled employee, a supplier looking to gain attention, or even a deliberate strategy by Apple to generate buzz and gauge public response. The nature of the leak and the credibility of the source will ultimately determine its impact on the market and consumer sentiment.

Impact on fanatics and consumers

For the loyal fanatics who eagerly await each new iPhone release, the leak on the iPhone 15’s price has come as a blow. Many fans had high hopes for the iPhone 15, expecting it to be within a certain price range based on previous models. The leaked information, if accurate, suggests a significant increase in price, which may make the iPhone 15 less accessible to a wider audience.

Speculations on iPhone 15 Features

Apart from the leak on price, there have been several speculations surrounding the features of the iPhone 15. It is expected to come with upgraded specifications and performance improvements compared to its predecessors. Apple is known for its continuous innovation, and the iPhone 15 may introduce new technologies such as improved display technology, enhanced camera capabilities, and faster processors.

Upgraded specifications and improvements

The iPhone 15 is rumored to feature an advanced OLED display with higher resolution and a higher refresh rate for smoother scrolling and improved visual quality. Additionally, it is speculated to have a more powerful A-series processor, which will enhance overall performance, gaming capabilities, and energy efficiency.

Potential innovations

Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the iPhone 15 is expected to introduce several groundbreaking features. These may include advancements in augmented reality (AR) capabilities, enhanced facial recognition technology, and improved battery life. These potential innovations have further fueled the excitement among tech enthusiasts.

Comparison with previous iPhone models

To put the leaked price into perspective, it is important to compare the iPhone 15 with its predecessors in terms of pricing and features. Apple has traditionally released multiple iPhone models simultaneously, catering to different market segments with varying price points and specifications.

Price variations

The pricing of different iPhone models has typically varied based on factors such as screen size, storage capacity, and camera capabilities. It is essential to consider these factors when evaluating the leaked price of the iPhone 15. The leaked information may pertain to a specific variant or configuration, and the overall pricing strategy of Apple will become clearer closer to the official launch.

Key differentiating factors

In addition to price, consumers also consider various other factors when deciding on a new iPhone model. These factors include camera quality, software features, durability, and overall user experience. The leaked price alone may not be the sole determining factor for potential buyers, as they will weigh all these aspects before making a purchase decision.

Apple’s response to leaks

Apple, known for its tight control over product information, has taken measures to address leaks in the past. The company usually refrains from commenting on rumors and leaks, preferring to keep its plans under wraps until the official launch. However, if the leak gains significant traction, Apple may issue official statements or take legal action to mitigate any negative impact.

Official statements

Apple’s official statements regarding leaks are typically brief and focused on reinforcing the company’s commitment to secrecy and surprise. These statements remind consumers to rely on official information and announcements from Apple rather than unverified sources.

Security measures

In response to leaks, Apple has ramped up its security measures over the years. The company has implemented stricter controls within its supply chain and increased efforts to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. These measures aim to safeguard Apple’s intellectual property and maintain the element of surprise during product launches.

Reactions from fans and tech enthusiasts

The leaked information regarding the iPhone 15’s price has triggered a wave of reactions from fans and tech enthusiasts across various online platforms. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions, predictions, and debates about the leak’s credibility and the potential impact it may have on the market.

Social media buzz

Tech-savvy users have taken to platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and tech forums to express their opinions and share their predictions. Some users are speculating on the accuracy of the leaked information, while others are voicing their concerns over the potential price increase and its impact on their purchasing decisions.

Predictions and expectations

The leak has also fueled speculation about the iPhone 15’s features and potential surprises that Apple might have in store for its users. Tech enthusiasts are eagerly discussing possible hardware upgrades, software improvements, and innovative technologies that could be introduced with the iPhone 15.

Potential market impact

Leaks, especially when they involve crucial information like pricing, can have a significant impact on the market and consumer behavior. Competitors in the smartphone industry will closely monitor the situation and may adjust their own pricing and marketing strategies accordingly.

Competitors’ response

Competing smartphone manufacturers may use the leaked information to their advantage, highlighting the potential price disparity between their offerings and the rumored price of the iPhone 15. This could lead to increased competition in the market, with other brands vying for a share of the consumer base that may be put off by the leaked price.

Consumer behavior and purchasing decisions

The leaked information may influence consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. Some potential buyers who were eagerly awaiting the iPhone 15 may reconsider their options if the leaked price exceeds their expectations or budget. Others may choose to wait for more concrete information or alternative options from competing brands.


The recent leak regarding the price of the iPhone 15 has sparked a mixture of excitement, concern, and speculation among Apple fans and tech enthusiasts. While leaks are a common occurrence in the tech industry, their impact on consumer sentiment and market dynamics cannot be overlooked. As the official launch of the iPhone 15 draws near, all eyes will be on Apple to see how they respond and whether the leaked price aligns with consumers’ expectations.


1. Is the leaked price of the iPhone 15 confirmed? No, the leaked price is not confirmed as of now. It is important to remember that leaks can sometimes be inaccurate or misleading. Official pricing details will be revealed by Apple during the official launch event.

2. When will Apple officially announce the iPhone 15? The exact date of Apple’s official announcement for the iPhone 15 is not yet known. However, based on previous launch patterns, it is expected to be unveiled in the coming months.

3. How accurate are leaks in the tech industry? Leaks in the tech industry can vary in accuracy. Some leaks turn out to be true, while others may be based on speculation or deliberate misinformation. It is advisable to wait for official information from Apple before making any conclusions.

4. Will the leaked price impact the popularity of the iPhone 15? The impact of the leaked price on the popularity of the iPhone 15 remains to be seen. Fanatics and loyal Apple users may still be inclined to purchase the latest iPhone despite the price increase. However, it could potentially deter some prospective buyers who were expecting a more affordable option.

5. Should I wait for more information before deciding to purchase the iPhone 15? If you are uncertain about the leaked price or have budget constraints, it may be wise to wait for more information from Apple. The company’s official announcement will provide a clearer picture of the iPhone 15’s features, pricing, and availability