Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga to marry Delhi-based businessman inside DEET

Producer Guneet Monga to marry Delhi businessman
Image source: Instagram / Guneetmonga Producer Guneet Monga to marry Delhi businessman

Producer Guneet Monga, whose documentary short film ‘Period. End of sentence.’ Won the Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject) at the 91st Academy Awards, she is all set to officially tie the knot with Sunny Kapoor, a Delhi-based businessman whom she met through a dating app .

The couple is set to tie the knot in Mumbai on December 11 and 12, which will be followed by extended celebrations in Delhi on December 16. Since both Monga and Kapoor are Punjabi, a big Punjabi wedding with dancing and singing, a fun mehndi and sangeet ceremony is expected.

Talking about Sunny, Guneet said: “One of the best things about Sunny is that he is an extremely simple and loving person. He has been my biggest cheerleader as well as my biggest critic. Even though I have met him only last year, I can definitely meet him.” Say I’m marrying my best friend.”

In June 2022, Guneet stages her wedding with Sunny a few weeks after their engagement in April, as Sunny’s grandmother is diagnosed with cancer and her health begins to deteriorate. Although Sunny’s grandmother passed away a few weeks after their ‘arranged wedding’, the couple were glad they were able to plan it for her.

Sharing her thoughts on the staged wedding and the upcoming celebrations, Guneet said: “After staging an entire wedding for Dadiji once, we are now ready to tie the knot in real life. Though I was born in Delhi, Born and brought up, my entire life is now in Mumbai – my ‘karma bhoomi’. I have found friends like family here. All functions will be in Mumbai with reception in Delhi.”

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He added: “I am so grateful that I have found a family that is so loving and giving. Since I lost both my parents at the age of 23, I have dreamed of having a large family And I’m so excited to make that dream come true.” Be true Can’t wait for a big bang at the end of the year.”

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