Phone Bhoot Vs Mili Vs Double XL Box Office Prediction: Katrina Kaif Starrer Is Seeing A Comfortable Lead

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Image Source : India TV Phone Bhoot, Mili Aur Double XL releasing in theaters on November 4

Phone Bhoot Vs Mili Vs Double XL Box Office Prediction: This Friday, November 4, movie-goers will be in for massive entertainment as three films namely Phone Bhoot, Mili and Double XL are releasing on the big screen. All of them are in different genres and each one has a very different story from each other. While Phone is a horror comedy starring Bhoot Katrina Kaif and an ensemble, Jhanvi KapoorMillie is a survival thriller about a woman trapped inside a freezer who is fighting for her life. Double XL, on the other hand, is a film with a social message and stars Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi. Since three films will compete at the box office, the competition will be tense. Let’s find out which one is ahead and looks at more promising returns.

Phones Bhoot, Mili and Double XL should have been marketed more

The box office has proved to be dynamic over the past few months. While most of the films with high expectations have been doing poorly, there have also been some sleeper hits. With Phone Bhoot, Mili and Double XL releasing at the same time, producer and film business expert Girish Johar says, “Many films are releasing at the same time and that is a good thing. If the makers marketed the films more Had done, it could have had a better opening at the box office. If the films manage to pull in their dedicated audience, it augurs well for the entire film industry. However, the trend for films is slightly below par.”

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Box Office Predictions for Phone Bhoot, Mili Aur Double XL

According to Johar, Phone Bhoot will go ahead at the box office on the first day. “Phone Bhoot will be placed at the top in the Hindi market,” he says. For this the level of awareness is better and the marketing has also been good. I can see it getting an opening of Rs 2 crore, give or take. This will happen. “It’s a good start for this. Youngsters have a craze for Janhvi Kapoor so Mili will be placed second. However, promotions are limited. I think it might open around Rs 1 crore. But word of mouth will ” will be important. Double XL can get an opening of Rs 60-75 lakh. However, the box office is dynamic and results are heavily driven by word of mouth.”

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What does the box office failure of Ram Setu and Thank God tell us?

Meanwhile, Ram Setu and Thank God, which released on Diwali, have got the lowest collections of Hindi films so far. Putting that in perspective, will audiences be showing up for the three new releases? To this Johar said, “The audience is there and they are watching the movies. The success of Black Adam and Kanatara is a testament to this. The tastes and preferences of the audience have changed drastically. In all the positivity, we are hoping for Ek Kala Ghoda. It’s at least this Friday.”

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