Prince Harry declares war, says William forced him out of UK, King Charles song

Prince Harry declares war with Prince William
Image source: Twitter Prince Harry declares war with Prince William

The highly anticipated second volume of “Harry & Meghan,” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s documentary about their experiences with the British royal family, has dropped and it’s already making waves in Britain, Variety reports. One title describes the final three episodes of the series as “Harry’s all-out war on William and Charles”, thanks to a series of revelations and allegations about Prince William, King Charles III and his staff. The documentary tells through interviews with the couple’s friend Lucy Fraser that it was their first royal tour of Australia shortly after their wedding, where things started to go wrong after the royal family saw how popular Harry and Meghan were, says ‘Variety’ Huh.

According to ‘Variety’, Fraser says, “The people inside the palace were incredibly threatened by this.” Harry says: “The point is when someone who is getting married, which should be a supporting act, is stealing the limelight or doing a better job than the person who was born to do it . It upsets people, it shifts the balance.”

One of the most explosive claims in the documentary is that Prince William “bullied” her out of the royal family and “traded” with the press and that her father, King Charles III, lied about her and possibly leaked stories to the media . Regarding the royal family’s relationship with the media, Harry claims, according to ‘Variety’, “leaks are happening, but stories are being planted.” He also said that he and his brother, who originally shared an office and staff within Kensington Palace, had sworn off never “trading” stories with the media, a practice he called journalists a Described as offering a story on family members to eliminate the negative story. About yourself coming out.

“And to see my brother’s office copy the same thing that we both promised we’d never do again was heartbreaking,” says Harry, though he doesn’t give any specific examples that Prince What stories did William try to suppress? Harry also implies that his father (or at least his father’s staff) leaked the story about him and Meghan wanting to move to Canada. The prince told how his father demanded that Harry and Meghan put their plans to “step back” from the Royal Family in writing, which Harry says he was reluctant to do because of the last time he did it. The kind of plans he had put in writing to his father had ended up in the media.

Perhaps the most damning claim in the entire nearly six-hour series, according to ‘Variety’, is that William forced Harry out of the royal family. Harry recalled that after the couple’s plans to leave the UK were made public, a meeting was held with Queen Elizabeth II at her country house in Sandringham with William and Charles in attendance. “It was horrible that my brother would yell and scream at me and my father would say things that weren’t true and my grandmother would sit quietly and take it all in,” Harry says in his interview video of how the meeting went down. Meet the brothers, who are only two years apart, playing together as children.

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