Rappers Raftaar and Yunan come together for their latest track ‘Lod Hai’

Rappers Raftaar and Yunan join hands for a song
Image Source: IANS Rappers Raftaar and Yunan join hands for a song

Rapper and musician Raftaar is one of the hottest names in the music industry in India. Over the years, he has mesmerized everyone with his tunes. Now, he has released his latest track ‘Lod Hai’ in collaboration with Uday Singh, better known by his stage name Yunan.

Raftaar, who is known for judging reality shows like ‘Hustle’, ‘Dance India Dance’, ‘Roadies’ and treated music lovers to hit tracks like ‘Swag Mera Desi’, ‘Baby Marwake Manegi’, ‘Dhaakad’ Known for dancing. And he opened up about his new dance number starring Yunaan, and model and dancer Sara Anjuli, and much more.

He added: “When your digital assistant can help you impress a girl, that’s when you know the future is here. ‘Load Hai’ is a unique concept that will be completely unexpected for my fans. Working with Yunan It’s definitely been exciting to do, she keeps the energy up and completes the entire video with her elegance.”

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Known for his songs like ‘Netflix & Chill’, ‘Q’ and also appeared in ‘Splitsvilla 12’, he said about collaborating with Raftaar: “Working with industry maestro and country’s darling Raftaar Doing has always been a learning experience. Raftaar and Sara’s on-screen presence adds spice to the track. I hope the audience enjoys Load Hai and keep supporting us with their love.”

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