Samantha Ruth Prabhu says actors and filmmakers are ‘forced to rethink and rewrite’ after the pandemic: The ‘audience’ viewing pattern has changed in a big way.

Telugu actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu believes in her upcoming thriller Yashoda Experience in cinema hall is worthy. Samantha says that though the way audiences watch films has changed after the pandemic, she is sure that the audience will love Yashoda on the big screen.

Samantha, in an interview promoting Yashoda, spoke about how actors and filmmakers now have to reinvent themselves to live up to the expectations of the audience.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu told Pinkvilla, “It cannot be denied that due to the pandemic and the lockdown, the way viewers watch has changed in a big way. It is becoming increasingly difficult for filmmakers to bring people to the theatres, as they have become used to waiting for movies on all streaming platforms. He added that this new viewing pattern has forced filmmakers and actors to “rethink and rewrite”.

Samantha also shared how she was convinced that Yashoda is a film for the silver screen. She said, “Whether it is the world, the setup, the visuals and the adventure, this is definitely an immersive watch that deserves to be experienced on the big screen and truly experience it to the fullest with the right kind of audio. “

On the personal front, Samantha Ruth Prabhu recently revealed that she is suffering from an auto-immune disease called myositis.


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