Titanic’s new poster and trailer will make you fall in love ahead of the film’s 25th anniversary re-release

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Image source: Twitter/Paramount Pictures Titanic to be re-released on February 10

James Cameron has remastered his blockbuster romantic film Titanic and will re-release it in cinema halls for a limited run on February 10. Ahead of its release, a new poster and trailer have been released featuring Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet). The Star Crossed Lovers was revealed on social media and the fans went berserk about it. Many expressed their desire to watch the film again on the big screen and the 4K re-mastered version of the film, which will also release in 3D, will surely attract audiences to the cinema halls.

Titanic new poster ad trailer out

Titanic was a huge box office success and collected USD 2.2 billion worldwide. It was also well received by critics, receiving 14 Academy Award nominations and winning 11 of them. Now on its 25th anniversary, the film will be released again on the big screen. The new poster and trailer made fans nostalgic. In the poster, Jack is seen hugging Rose and it seems as if time has ceased to exist. Titanic fans couldn’t have asked for more and the social media reactions reflected wider public sentiment.

Sharing the new poster and trailer on social media, Paramount Pictures wrote, “Titanic returns to the big screen in 4K 3D for a limited time February 10th.”

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Fans react to Titanic re-release

Re-releasing iconic movies has been a trend that is almost catching up around the world. After the re-release of Avatar, James Cameron will re-release Titanic on the big screen. Fans will be excited to see the iconic love story of Jack and Rose aboard the ‘ship of dreams’ Titanic. Reacting to the release of the promotional poster and trailer on social media, a fan wrote, “This trailer gave me goosebumps. I’ve seen this movie a million times in my lifetime and it always amazes me. WAIT can not do.” Watch it on the big screen (sic).” Another wrote, “The music, the lines, the visuals. Never changes, very nostalgic.”

Fans are also sharing screenshots of some of Titanic’s best scenes online.

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