Tunisha Sharma Death: Mother Vanita Sharma lodged FIR after daughter’s suicide. 6 key points

Tunisha Sharma
Image source: INSTAGRAM/_TUNISHA.SHARMA_ Actress Tunisha Sharma died on 24 December

A First Information Report (FIR) has been lodged at Waliw police station by Vanita Sharma, mother of late actress Tunisha Sharma. Tunisha committed suicide on the sets of her TV show Ali Baba: Dastan-e-Kabul on 24 December. He was cremated on December 27 at the Ghodev cremation ground in Bhayandar East, Mumbai. Meanwhile, Tusha’s co-star in Ali Baba Sheezan Khan was arrested on Sunday on charges of abetment to suicide.

He is currently in police custody, which has been extended by the Vasai court till Friday.

FIR details in Tunisha Sharma death case

In the FIR filed by Tunisha Sharma’s mother Vanitha, she has given details of her late daughter’s life since she started working on Ali Baba: Dastaan-e-Kabul in June 2022. Vanita Sharma also revealed that Sheezan Khan and Tunisha were in a relationship and both the families knew about their affair. Vanita Sharma has accused Shejan of abetting her daughter’s suicide. She claimed that Sheezan cheated on her daughter Tunisha and this worsened her mental and physical health and she took the extreme step of ending her life.

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Tunisha Sharma death case: Key points of the FIR

Mentioned below are the salient points of the FIR registered in Tunisha Sharma death case.

– Tunisha Sharma’s mother has claimed in the FIR that she was told about her daughter and Sheezan Khan’s affair two months ago. Vanita Sharma said that Tunisha herself had told her about her budding relationship with Sheejan.

Tunisha Sharma knew Sheejan Khan’s parents and siblings and they all loved her, Vanita Sharma has claimed in the FIR.

Sheezan Khan met Tunisha Sharma’s mother Vanita and told her that they were in love.

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, Vanita Sharma has claimed that Sheejan Khan broke up with Tunisha Sharma about 15 days before she died by suicide. He said that when Tunisha told him about the breakup, she was crying and was not in a good state. Vanita Sharma claimed that Tunisha too had panic attacks.

Tunisha was taken to a hospital in Kandivali after she had a panic attack. The doctor told Vanita Sharma that Tunisha was not feeling well. She was given medicines for her mental and physical condition.

Tunisha was heartbroken when Sheezan Khan broke up with another girl. She would often call her mother and ask her to bring Sheejan back into her life. Tunisha also visited the sets of Ali Baba: Dastaan-e-Kabul on 23 December, a day before her death by suicide to convince Sheezan Khan. But, Sheejan did not take her back, Vanita Sharma claimed.

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