Tunisha Sharma’s co-star Shivin Narang talks about the actress: ‘I wish I could…’

Tunisha Sharma's co-star Shivin Narang talks about her
Image source: Instagram/tunishasharma Tunisha Sharma’s co-star Shivin Narang talks about her

Shivin Narang, who worked with late Tunisha Sharma in the show ‘Internet Wala Love’, shared what it was like working with Tunisha and not meeting her on the day she allegedly committed suicide while shooting. Why did he feel so bad about it? Do together but postponed.

Speaking to IANS, Shivin said, “I still remember we were looking for a fresh face for our show ‘Internet Wala Love’ and I met Tunisha there. Initially we did a few scenes together and It’s happened since then.” It was like magic. This was his first show as a lead role.

“But she was very good at her job, had a natural talent, and was a fast learner. We shared a lot of memories and had a lot of fun on set. We both joked a lot with the guys on set.” ,

The actor, best known for his role as Rudra Roy in ‘Beyhadh 2’ shared how they used to have lunch together and made many good memories.

“It was really fun being with her. She was so warm. From having lunch together every day to sharing all the happy and sad moments together… She was the kid on set that everyone loved. “

He added that even after the show they were in touch. “Even after the show, we were in touch, especially her mother Vanitha aunty and I had a great bond. She used to cook food for us every day,” he added.

Shivin said that on December 24, the day Tunisha allegedly committed suicide on the sets, he was supposed to meet her for the shooting of an upcoming music video, but the date got postponed.

“I wish I could meet her and understand her state of mind and help her somehow. I still can’t believe what happened to her,” he concluded.

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