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WhatsApp Planning This Change for the Floating Action Button on Android

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By Jatin Pant

WhatsApp for Android is set to undergo significant design improvements and visual enhancements in order to enhance the appeal of the messaging app for its users. Recent reports suggest that the popular messaging platform is working on introducing a bottom navigation bar and a redesigned Context Menu for Android. Furthermore, there are indications that the Action Button will also undergo visual changes. Read on to find out more.

Exciting Redesign for the WhatsApp Action Button! According to a report from WABetaInfo, the messaging giant owned by Meta is planning to revamp the floating Action Button with support for Material You theming. The floating Action Button, located in the bottom right corner of the app, allows users to initiate a new chat instantly. This redesign is part of the latest WhatsApp Beta for Android, version

WhatsApp’s Redesigned Action Button on Android Image: WABetaInfo The screenshot above provides a side-by-side comparison of the current version and the prospective changes to the Action Button. As you can see, the upcoming update will transform the circular icon into a rounded square icon, often referred to as a “squircle.” It appears that the icon will also adhere to Android’s Material Design 3 guidelines.

It’s worth noting that this redesign won’t be limited to just the floating Action Button. The buttons within the call and status bars are also expected to follow the same theming principle. In addition, WhatsApp has been testing a Material You-based toggle, which Android users have eagerly anticipated. With these various UI/UX improvements, it seems that Meta is genuinely attentive to its users’ feedback.

Currently, this feature is still in development and not yet available for beta testers. However, we anticipate that some beta users will have the opportunity to experience this implementation soon. A wider beta rollout may occur in the coming weeks. As for the public availability of this design overhaul, it remains uncertain at this time.

We will keep you informed of the latest developments as they unfold. So, stay tuned, and please share your thoughts on the redesigned Action Button for Android by leaving a comment.


WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, is constantly evolving to enhance user experience and stay ahead of the competition. In its latest move, WhatsApp is planning to introduce a significant change for the Floating Action Button (FAB) on Android devices. This change aims to improve the usability and accessibility of the app’s interface, providing a smoother and more intuitive messaging experience for users.

What is WhatsApp’s Floating Action Button (FAB)?

The Floating Action Button (FAB) is a prominent circular button located at the bottom right corner of the WhatsApp interface. It serves as a quick access point for essential functions within the app, such as starting a new chat, composing a message, or initiating a voice or video call. The FAB has become an integral part of the WhatsApp user interface, allowing users to perform key actions conveniently.

Current FAB Functionality

As of now, WhatsApp’s FAB provides users with direct access to the chat composition screen. Tapping on the FAB opens a new chat window, enabling users to select contacts or groups and start a conversation. While this functionality has been effective, WhatsApp has identified the need for a more streamlined and dynamic approach.


The Need for Change

WhatsApp recognizes that users often perform multiple actions within the app, such as creating a new chat, making a voice call, or accessing settings. The current FAB design limits the app’s functionality to only one primary action. This restriction can be cumbersome for users who frequently switch between different tasks, leading to a less efficient messaging experience.

WhatsApp’s Proposed Change

To address this limitation, WhatsApp is planning to revamp the FAB on Android devices. The new design will transform the FAB into a dynamic menu, providing users with quick access to various essential features directly from the main interface. By long-pressing the FAB, users will be presented with a menu that includes options like starting a new chat, initiating a call, accessing settings, and more.

Benefits of the New FAB

The revamped FAB design offers several benefits for WhatsApp users. Firstly, it enables a more streamlined and efficient user experience by eliminating the need to navigate through multiple screens to perform different actions. With the expanded menu, users can conveniently switch between tasks, saving time and effort.

Additionally, the new FAB design enhances accessibility for users with larger devices or those who prefer one-handed usage. The menu options will be easily accessible with a thumb or finger, reducing strain and enhancing usability. This change reflects WhatsApp’s commitment to inclusivity and ensuring a seamless messaging experience for all users.

Impact on User Experience

The proposed change to WhatsApp’s FAB will significantly impact the overall user experience. With the dynamic menu, users will have more control and flexibility, enabling them to perform multiple actions without leaving the main interface. This change aligns with WhatsApp’s goal of empowering users and providing them with a user-friendly platform to communicate effortlessly.

Potential Challenges

Introducing a new design element like the dynamic FAB menu may present some challenges. Users who are accustomed to the current FAB functionality might initially face a learning curve when adapting to the new interface. However, WhatsApp plans to ensure a smooth transition by providing clear instructions and tooltips to guide users through the changes.

User Feedback and Reactions

As with any significant update, user feedback will play a crucial role in shaping WhatsApp’s new FAB design. The messaging giant has a history of actively listening to its user base and incorporating their suggestions and concerns into future updates. The beta testing phase will allow users to provide feedback and report any issues, ultimately refining the new FAB design based on real-world usage.


WhatsApp’s plan to revamp the Floating Action Button (FAB) on Android devices signals its commitment to continuous improvement. By introducing a dynamic menu, WhatsApp aims to enhance user experience, providing a more efficient and intuitive messaging platform. The new FAB design will empower users, improve accessibility, and streamline essential actions within the app.


  1. Will this FAB change be available on iOS devices as well? No, currently, WhatsApp’s FAB change is focused on Android devices. It is unclear if a similar change will be implemented for iOS users in the future.
  2. Can I customize the options in the dynamic FAB menu? At present, WhatsApp has not provided details about customizing the menu options. However, it is possible that future updates may include this functionality.
  3. How can I participate in the beta testing phase? To join WhatsApp’s beta testing program, you can visit the official WhatsApp website or check for beta testing options in your device’s app store.
  4. When can we expect the new FAB design to be rolled out? WhatsApp has not provided an official timeline for the release of the new FAB design. It will be gradually rolled out to users once the development and testing phases are completed.
  5. Will this FAB change affect the security or privacy of my messages? No, the FAB change is primarily focused on improving the user interface and accessibility. It should not have any direct impact on the security or privacy of your messages.