When Zeenat Aman revealed that husband Mazhar Khan’s family did not allow her to attend his funeral: ‘So bitter’

zeenat aman Wrote a success story as the leading lady of Bollywood. Often in news for her appearance and demeanor, which was considered forward looking in the film industry and India of the time, she appeared in films such as Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Satyam Shivam Sundaram and The Great Gambler. Often called the ‘Original Glam Diva’ of Hindi cinema, she was in discussion about her personal life as well as professional life.

His Marriage with actor Mazhar Khan was often discussed. Comparatively less successful than him, their marriage in 1985 took people by surprise. As soon as the two separated, this heated argument also ended. They have two sons together.

While appearing in The Rendezvous with Somi Garewal, Zeenat had commented on her marriage and why she tied the knot. “At the time, I was ready for motherhood, more than anything. I felt like my biological clock was ticking and I really wanted to have kids. And that was the main reason I got married because I really wanted to have kids.” I agree that the only reason to get married is to have a family. And I felt ready for that at the time. And so did I,” she had said.

He also spoke openly on Mazhar’s death in 1998 and what was the reason for their separation before that. He alleged that he had become addicted to prescription drugs. He died due to kidney disease. Zeenat tells Simi that she was not allowed to attend her husband’s funeral.

“Simi I was not ready for him to die. I fought a lot to live for him. I really believed he would get a kidney, I believed he would live. So his death was…” he said, ” And the worst blow was that they wouldn’t allow me to pay my last respects. His mom and his sister were trying to punish me for leaving him. It was like a bad Fellini movie. Because this someone like To whom I had given so many years of my life. He was the father of my children and I asked if I could… I was told, ‘No, you cannot come. You cannot come for the last glimpse.’ There was so much anger and bitterness and hatred.”


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